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Over the past few years, significant research endeavors have been undertaken by academic laboratories, oncology departments, and major pharmaceutical companies to develop strategies for targeting the MET receptor in cancer. The recent consecutive advancements stand as both signs of hope and markers of challenges entwined with cancer treatment through targeted therapies. Notably, a series of tyrosine kinase inhibitors targeting MET have recently received approval for patient treatment. Simultaneously, a deeper understanding has emerged regarding the molecular mechanisms triggered by the activated form of MET that drive tumorigenesis. Despite these achievements, the efficacy of these therapies remains limited to only half of the treated patients, and all of them are bound to encounter relapses due to the emergence of resistance.

The primary goal of this workshop is to convene clinicians, researchers, and drug developers to provide a comprehensive overview of the latest discoveries in MET targeting. The secondary objective is to establish a think tank with the aim of refining this targeting approach. This objective could be realized by forming an international consortium capable of applying for international grants.